Time Travelers Literature

Mrs. Allison Andrews

The Time Travelers Literature class will read 1-2 chapter books per session. We will most likely begin with Mysteries at an appropriate age and reading level (such as West Meadows Detectives,Encyclopedia Brown, Cam Jansen or A to Z Mysteries). Books for subsequent sessions will be chosen based on class reading level and interest. Students will read an assigned number of chapters at home. We will used the theme of the book to inspire class discussion, projects, storytelling and writing and art work. We will also use the text to define vocabulary words using context clues, identify character, setting & plot, and develop comprehension. Our main goal will be to connect with each story in a way that is fun, imaginative and meaningful to the class.

Session I

Book – Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight by Wendy Mass and Michael Brawer

(We will be discussing foreshadowing and predicting using context clues, so please don’t read ahead!)

Lesson plans may change slightly from week to week, depending on students’ needs or interests. If a discussion heads in a different direction, we’ll go with it! Homework will always remain the same to ensure we finish the book before the end of the session.

Students will also be encouraged to create a book-related project outside of class. This is optional. I will send home and/or email a list of ideas. Or, students can come up with their own project ideas. Projects will be presented on the last day of the session (Oct. 19).

Week 1 (Aug. 31)

Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight will be introduced. We will make predictions about what the story will be about based on the title and cover of the books. Who is the story about? Where might the story take place?

Activity: We will introduce the concepts of Character and Setting. We will read a few simpler books to practice identifying these parts of a story.

Homework for next week Read Chapters 1 & 2. Think about the characters and setting. Were they what we predicted in class? Be ready to talk about it next week!

Week 2 (Sept. 7)

Based on Chapters 1 & 2, we will create a Character Description for Archie.

Activity: Archie describes strange things that have happened to him, and then explains them away. We will match the strange occurrences with Archie’s explanations. Then we will discuss how these occurrences could be foreshadowing for events that happen later in the book.

Homework for next week Read Chapters 3 & 4. Write some words to describe the planet Delta 3. Bring your words to class next week!

Week 3 (Sept. 14)

As a class, we will discuss the Setting of the planet Delta 3 and chart its characteristics. If time allows, we will also talk about Archie’s family and their space jobs (passed down through the generations).

Activity: Students will read descriptions of a Worm Hole & the Taxi/Dashboard. Based on the descriptive text, students can choose to illustrate a worm hole, the taxi, the dashboard, or Delta 3. Students will also be encouraged to write a sentence about their illustration.

Homework for next week Read Chapter 5. Write down words or phrases to describe the cat and Mr. Fitch, two new characters. Bring your list to class next week!

Week 4 (Sept. 21)

As a class, we will review text that describes the planet Delta 9, and chart its characteristics next to last week’s description of Delta 3. We will then compare and contrast the two planets – how are they the same? How are they different? Which planet would you rather visit?

Activity: Using the words and phrases students collected while reading Chapter 5, we will fill in outlines of the cat and Mr. Fitch. These will be displayed in the classroom.

Homework for next week – Read Chapter 6. While you are reading, think about this: Are the cat and Mr. Fitch who we thought they were? Did anything in the chapter surprise you about these two characters? Come to class ready to talk about it!

Week 5 (Sept. 28)

We will review our impressions of the Cat and Mr. Fitch from last week, and compare them to what we found out about these characters in Chapter 6. We will add any new information to our Cat and Mr. Fitch outlines.

Activity: Split into small groups and discuss this question: If you were Archie, would you have gotten involved when you heard the shouting scuffling in the alley? Why or why not? Would you have done something differently? Be ready to present your idea to the class, and to listen closely to other groups’ responses.

If time allows, we will add any new information we learned about Archie to his Character Description from Week 2. We will also try to guess what BURP stands for.

Homework for next week – Read Chapter 7. In this chapter, Archie gives the cat a nickname. What else do we learn about the cat? Make a short list and bring it to class next week!

Week 6 (Oct. 5)

We will briefly discuss Pocket’s (the cat) request of Archie and his dad, and the pros and cons of accepting this request.

Activity: Add any new information we learned about Pockets to our Cat outline. Each student will then create a Pockets mini-project of their choosing – a pop-up card, and character cube, a stuffed paper Pockets, etc. Options will be described in class. If time, students will be given the opportunity to share their mini-projects with the class.

Homework for next week – Read Chapter 8. Lots of our questions from Week 2 will be answered at the end of the book. Are there things that finally made sense to you? We will talk about it next week!

Week 7 (Oct. 12)

In Chapter 8, we get explanations for a lot of the strange things that happened to Archie. We will split into small groups to discuss the real explanations to these funny occurrences.

Activity: Map Skills – Archie had to learn how to read a Space Map. We will learn some map skills, too. We will also make our own Map Tubes.

Homework for next week What do you think Archie’s next adventure will be? Write some sentences about your ideas and bring them to class next week! If you worked on a project outside of class, bring that next week, too.

Week 8 (Oct. 19)

Final Day! What do you think Archie’s next adventure will be? We will share our ideas, as well as present any outside projects that students have worked on during this session.

If time allows, we will enjoy Space/Book related games and activities.

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