Theater 2019/20

Ms. Linnea Carrera


In Theater Arts students will learn theater history, dramatic analysis, and have an opportunity to explore and create their own theatrical pieces. The class will require students to read and analyze scripts, participate in group work and class exercises, and reflect on their experiences. Students will learn about the history and social and cultural purposes of theater. Students will then select a script to read and analyze. Students will be required to participate in ALL classroom exercises and activities. Students will have opportunities to perform, write, direct, and design. By the end of the course, students will have created an original theatrical piece which will be performed for peers and family members.

Course Requirements:

Participation: Students will need to be in class and to participate openly in all activities, games, exercises, and production projects.

Reflection Journal: Students will write a brief journal entry for each class. Grammar and spelling will not be graded, the entry should be a brief entry reflecting on the class and what the student learned that week. Journal entries will collected every few weeks.

Theater Production: Students will participate in the creation and presentation of an original theatrical production. Students will be assigned roles (performance or production team) and will be expected to work together to mount a new work at the end of the term.

Grading Scale





F=59% and Below

Classroom Learning Environment:

In order to maintain a positive learning environment, classroom procedures must be followed at all times.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Treat others with respect. This includes respecting other people’s beliefs and boundaries. We do not have to agree, but we will always be civil.
  2. Be kind. We will be encouraging and supportive.
  3. Come prepared to class. Complete readings and watch assigned videos before the next class. Turn in your work on time. Full credit will not be given for late work.
  4. Use appropriate language and volume.
  5. Approach things with an open mind. Be open to new experiences and to the ideas of others.
  6. Ask for help when you need it.

Required Text:

We will not use a textbook in this class, but students will be required to read a play from a list that will be provided the first week of class. Students will be asked to watch videos and read materials that will be provided digitally.

Late Work

It is the STUDENT’S REPONSIBILITY to turn in all assignments and to follow up with me after missing class. I will remind students in class of deadlines, and give warnings before finalizing grades. Students are responsible to ensure that all their work is turned in.

Ms. Carrera’s Contact Information:

You may contact me via email or message me using the Remind App. I will check

my email on Monday and Friday. So if you require a more immediate answer please use the Remind App. You can access this class in Remind via the link below.