Speech & Debate 2019/20

ODE Speech and Debate 2019/2020

Ms. Linnea Carrera


In Speech and Debate, students will learn how to write, organize, prepare, and deliver quality public speeches. Students will study how to actively persuade, inspire, inform, and engage an audience. We will start by learning the foundational skills of public speech. Students will learn from a combination of lecture, reading, and watching and evaluating public speakers. Students will also learn skills to help in management of stress and anxiety when speaking in front of others. In the next unit of the class, students will prepare and present public speeches. Students will practice both prepared and extemporaneous speaking. Finally, students will learn how to argue their points effectively through debate.

Course Requirements:

  1. Prepared Public Speeches: Students will be required to write numerous speeches in various styles: persuasive speeches, informative speeches, and after dinner speeches. Students will learn how to memorize speeches and deliver them effectively.
  2. Limited Preparation Speeches: Students will learn the art of Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking. Students will learn to think quickly and deliver a speech with very little preparation.
  3. Debate: Students will learn about current events and how to debate both sides of an issue in an organized format. Students are expected to do this respectively without letting arguments get personal.

Grading Scale





F=59% and Below

Classroom Learning Environment:

In order to maintain a positive learning environment, classroom procedures must be followed at all times.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Treat others with respect. This includes respecting other people’s beliefs and boundaries. We do not have to agree, but we will always be civil.
  2. Be kind. We will be encouraging and supportive.
  3. Come prepared to class. Complete readings and watch assigned videos before the next class. Turn in your work on time. Full credit will not be given for late work.
  4. Use appropriate language and volume.
  5. Raise your hand before speaking.
  6. Ask for help when you need it.

This course will require writing, research, and preparation both in and outside of class. You will be given time in class to work on presentations and receive coaching and guidance. HOWEVER, class time is to be used for speech and debate, not as a study hall or social time. Students will occasionally be required to work in pairs or groups, so it is crucial for all students to come prepared and ready to work.

Required Text:

Fearless Public Speaking: A Guide for Beginners by Joy Jones

This book can be purchased on Amazon in paperback or Kindle form. For students who struggle with reading, I suggest purchasing the Kindle format and using Voice to Text to help with reading comprehension.

Students will be required to read additional material that will either be handed out or made available to them digitally.


Late Work

It is the STUDENT’S REPONSIBILITY to turn in all assignments and to follow up with me after missing class. I will remind students in class of deadlines, and give warnings before finalizing grades. Students are responsible to ensure that all their work is turned in.

Ms. Carrera’s Contact Information:

You may contact me via email or message me using the Remind App. I will check my email on Monday and Friday. So if you require a more immediate answer please use the Remind App. You can access this class in Remind via the link below.

Email: linneateaches@gmail.com

Remind: https://www.remind.com/join/7gc9k6