Music 2020/21

Course Description

This year in music we are exploring “what is music?” The answer to that question may vary from person to person. We will learn how early man made music and how it has developed along the way. By learning about the 8 elements of music we can understand a little bit more what makes music music! We will listen to various selections and analyze it based on the elements to determine if we actually consider it music. We will also explore different ways of making and performing music ourselves.


Music Objectives

  1. Music Performance – The student will sing and perform on instruments a variety of music, alone and with others.
  2. Creating Music – The student will improvise, compose, and arrange music within specified guidelines.
  3. Music Literacy – The student will read and notate music.
  4. Response to Music – The student will listen to, describe, analyze, and evaluate music and musical performances.
  5. History and Culture – The student will examine and perform music from a variety of genres, historical periods and cultures.
  6. Making Connections – The student will make connections between music and other arts disciplines, other content areas, and the world.

Homework will consist of weekly music journals. The student will be asked to listen to and analyze different music selections and present them during class.

Each session will conclude with a music notebook collection of our work and a final project completed individually or with a group.

Group Performances
There will be several performance opportunities throughout the year, as well as a final performance and presentation of the work we have done.

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