Syllabus  ~  Session 3

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Syllabus  ~  Session 1

  1. Warm up: Run through the jungle laps: children will run laps and pretend to jump over logs, duck under branches, high knees through quicksand, run from the tiger, tip toe past the snake, talk to the monkeys (ohh, ohh, ahh, ahh) and swing from the vines at teachers command.
  2. Warm up part 2: 10 of everything (jumping jacks, push-ups, mountain climbs, jump and squat and dips with arms out)
  3. Introductions: Arrange students in a circle and ask them to tell everyone their name, one activity they like to do that involves movement and the craziest thing they’ve ever eaten for breakfast. In addition, the student must say the name of the previous person and what their craziest breakfast was.
  4. Sharks and Minnows game
  5. Soccer drills: Ball touches: one touch and two touch passes between cones, dribbling in and out of cones, move to a cone and back while kicking ball back and forth between your feet, toe touches- take turns touching the top of the ball with each foot (looks like jumping) for one minute.
  6. Cool down yoga