Chicago History 2019/20


Ms. Shama Jacover


This class will utilize various research techniques and data collection to create maps of several
neighborhoods that track socio-economic changes. The final projects will result in “Era Maps”
(group/partner work) and individual reports that include observations of patterns, causes for
changes, and predictions for the future. This class is appropriate for motivated and curious
11-12 grade students.


We will be using several primary texts and handouts that will be provided by the instructor. I
will also post each class lecture in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation that will be available
on the ODE website.

Course Study:

This course will require students to use executive functions (time management, decisionmaking, organization of information). In addition to vocabulary, reading, and comprehension
of primary historical texts, students will complete a project and a report. Details to come.


• Be on time and prepared to learn every day.
• Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and our learning environment.
• Challenge yourself and take pride in the work your do.
• Listen and follow directions.
• Treat others how you wish to be treated


Grades will be weighted by the following categories:
Class/Homework: 20%
Assessments: 30%
Projects: 50%


As young adults, I expect you to attend class regularly and work diligently. Attendance will
affect your grade as little or as much as you allow it to. Please communicate absences
whenever possible, but understand that YOU are responsible for your education.