Dragons World Geography

Mrs. Nancy Quandt

World Geography will systematically cover the study of all the continents. The goal is for students to learn the location of countries and key physical features (mountains, rivers, lakes) of each continent through filling in outline maps and taking quizzes. The class will learn map reading skills and key geographical terms. Students will be exposed to world cultures and have fun as they present country reports and taste food from around the world. We will create our own geography notebooks from the maps, reports, and projects.


Week 1 Aug 31 World
Week 2 Sept. 7 World
Week 3 Sept. 14 North America
Week 4 Sept. 21 North America
Week 5 Sept. 28 North America
Week 6 Oct. 5 North America
Week 7 Oct. 12 Central America
Week 8 Oct. 19 South America

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