Dragons Art

Mrs. Lauren Feece

Course Description:
This course introduces the student to a new way to think about creativity. The goal of this
course is to gain knowledge of art through learning new ways of seeing and making art.

To develop artistic confidence through observation and sensitive visual awareness.
To sharpen visual awareness through use of the elements of design
To enrich knowledge of artists within a historical context
To introduce the concept of independent artistic direction.
To introduce the language of critical analysis (critique)

There is no specific text for this course. Each student is required to have a sketchbook
(sketchbook dimensions 8.5×11, unlined). The sketchbook will be used to complete assignments
and independent work. It must be brought to each class.

Sketchbook dimension 8.5×11, unlined
(The required sketchbook can be purchased for $5 at Micheal’s, www.michaels.com)
Drawing pencil and eraser set
(The Artists Loft brand Sketching and Drawing Fundamentals Set which includes pencils and
erasers can be purchased for $5 at Micheal's, www.michaels.com)

Course Requirements:
Students are expected to be in class on time and participate for the duration of the class.
Students are expected to take part in discussion. Each student is required to work on
assignments in class and complete at home assignments in their sketchbook. Again,
sketchbooks must be brought to each class.

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