Art – Woodshop

Syllabus  ~  Session 1


Students do not need all their materials by the beginning of class. I will provide a handout along with some resources for ways to get the materials at the lowest possible cost.

Course Materials:

Paper pad/notebook, pencil, speed square, tape measure, sand paper,
safety glasses, wood glue, 2 bar clamps


Week One:

Introduction and Skills Assesment. Students will learn shop safety
requirements and take a basic skills assessment. We will learn terminology and review shop math.

Week Two:

Introduction to wood and measuring. Students will learn about wood types
and begin to measure and mark their wood for the first project. Students will learn saw
safety and the basics of cutting.

Week Three:

Quiz 1, cutting and sanding. Students will take a safety and tool quiz and
must pass the safety portion before being allowed to use the saw. Students will cut and sand the pieces that they marked the previous week.

Week Four:

Gluing and clamping. Students will learn about fasteners and finish any cuts
that were not completed in the previous week. The base of the box will be glued and
clamped together.

Week Five:

Gluing and clamping part two, wood identification quiz. Students will glue
together their lids and take a hands on wood identification quiz.

Week Six:

Sanding and staining. Students will learn about historical methods of staining
and will mix their own natural walnut stain which they will take home and complete.
They will sand their glued boxes to prep for staining.

Week Seven:

Staining and tools of the shop. Students will learn about additional shop
tools and will stain their sanded boxes.

Week Eight:

Final exam, finishing touches. Students will take cumulative exam and will
complete any remaining work on their project which they will then take home.


Additional Resources:

Students will be provided with handouts and will be expected to
take notes on the materials presented in class. Students will know what to review before each quiz and exam.