Syllabus ~ Session 2


Week One:

Click here for Week 1: Responding to Color

Weeks Two & Three:

Click here for Weeks 2 & 3: Aboriginal Art Symbols

Weeks Four & Five:

Click here for Weeks 4 & 5: Making a Safe Space

Week Six:

Click here for Week 6: Creating Paintbrushes

Weeks Seven & Eight:

Click here for Weeks 7 & 8: Accordion Print

Syllabus  ~  Session 1


Week One:

Simon Says Drawing

Week Two:

Van Gogh’s Garden

Week Three:

Van Gogh’s Garden

Week Four:

Hearing Color and Seeing Music

Week Five

Hearing Color and Seeing Music

Week Six:

Movement and Mark Making

Week Seven:

Drawing With Scissors: Positive and Negative Space

Week Eight:

A Comic Onesie


Click here for Lesson 1) Simon Says Drawing

Click here for Lesson 2) Van Gogh’s Garden

Click here for Lesson 3) Hearing Color and Seeing Music

Click here for Lesson 4) Movement and Mark Making

Click here for Lesson 5) Drawing With Scissors

Click here for Lesson 6) A Comic Onesie