A Four-Part Live Video Series

When: August 10th – August 31st
Where:Register to receive your invitation. These video workshops will take place over Zoom.
Who:Julie Polanco, Cindy Dunn, Cindy Miller and Marshell Edwards

A live web series for homeschooling parents and families. This event is a video series split into four segments and live streamed four consecutive Monday evenings in August. The speakers – Julie Polanco, Cindy Miller, Cindy Dunn and Marshell Edwards – are homeschooling mothers with experience and thoughtful insight into the homeschooling experience. This series is geared specifically towards brand new homeschoolers, but is useful for all homeschoolers.

Space is limited to the first 100 people to register!

Session 1 – Eight Different Approaches to Homeschooling

In this workshop, Julie Polanco discusses eight different homeschooling styles and the pros and cons of each. She helps new homeschoolers understand the freedom they have. Come learn and figure out what will work best for you. Feel confident that you can succeed by following your instincts and listening to your children’s needs.

August 10th

Julie Polanco

Julie Polanco is the mother of four amazing children and wife to one wonderful man. She has been imagining and writing since childhood. Julie has written more than seventy published articles and short works for the healthcare, alternative education, and parenting sectors. In addition to her own work, she has ghostwritten two full-length books for others. Julie loves the outdoors and imagining new worlds hidden among the bushes and trees. Music, too, has been part of her earliest memories. She loves learning new things, especially the locations of new restaurants and out-of-the-way places. To discover more about Julie, please visit her site at www.julienaturally.com and subscribe to her newsletter.

Session 2 – “MegaSkills”

With the birth of your first child you became a teacher, so even if you are just embarking on homeschooling, you’re already experienced!  This presentation is a confidence booster.  You’ll learn creative and workable ways to continue to fuel your children’s “inner engines of learning” as Dorothy Rich put it in her book MegaSkills. These are the characteristics and qualities that will enhance your children’s performance with school work and on whatever roads they pursue in life, and make the journey more enjoyable for everyone along the way.

August 17th

Cindy Dunn

Cindy Dunn left the employee benefits management field when she took up the managing of motherhood and has experienced benefits beyond calculation ever since.  Having two children born eleven years apart meant two overlapping rounds of homeschooling over 23 years, winding up a couple years ago.  She describes her teaching philosophy as paralleling a definition of organic – cultivating without force or contrivance – and enjoys sharing practical and creative means for nurturing students, and parents too, into full bloom.

Session 3 – Value of Literature

August 24th

Cindy Miller

Even before she had reached kindergarten, Cindy Miller had become a voracious reader and a lover of the written word. That love for reading has come in handy as she’s taught her own nine children over the past 28 years. For 16 of those years she has shared her passion for literature and writing with the home school community through teaching in co-ops and in the One Day Enrichment program.

Session 4 – TBA

August 31st

Marshell Edwards

Marshell Edwards is the homeschooling mother of six. She has been working with One Day Enrichment for four years and has personally conducted over 30 hours of recorded interviews with homeschooling parents.